How Much Protein Is In An Egg? 12% But You Better Be Careful

Eggs have always been known to be rich in protein. Bodybuilders and athletes like Simon Panda have been swearing by eggs their whole careers. And they have a good reason. Eggs are really healthy, but how much protein is in an egg, really? And can I use eggs as the main source of protein? About 12% of an egg weight is protein, if that answers you questions. But I always consume them vigilantly.

I love egg foo young, the Chinese egg recipe never fails me, specially with the customization it offers. But I am very cautious when I start making them. Main reason is that cholesterol and saturated fat kind of worry me. I haven’t been “luckily” born fit. I struggled with overweight and stress eating for a good portion of my teen and adult life. So, I am one of those people who are always watching over their backs when it comes to food and nutrition. Those six packs didn’t come at no cost.

Protein in Egg White VS Whole Egg

In comparison, egg yolks have more protein than egg whites. Yes, contrary to popular belief.

An average egg yolk has about 16% protein of its total weight. An average egg white has just about 11%.

So, simple math? Given you are consuming the very same amount, a whole egg has more protein than an egg white.

So that’s it? Let’s go and get as many whole eggs as possible and train happily ever after! Sorry, that happens only on a blue moon. Welcome to earth.

If Protein in Egg Yolk Is Abundant, Why The Anger, Then?

Unlike the protein in egg whites, protein in egg yolks comes at a greater cost and risk.

Even though Harvard says that the American Heart Association (AHA) has removed the warning it previously had for consuming over 300 mg of dietary cholesterol, the risk seems too high. Actually the AHA still apologetically says that “individuals should eat as little dietary cholesterol as possible while consuming a healthy eating pattern.” on the very same document.

Just to let you know, an average egg has right about 200 mg of cholesterol.

Following the good practice of listening to experts, I have decided I am going to limit my yolk intake to a maximum of 2 per day. If my breakfast feels full without them, I will simply omit them completely.

Depending on where you live, egg whites are mostly likely available and not expensive. Opting for egg whites, though seems less natural, still gives you a goodnight sleep knowing that you are not risking your health for 3 grams of protein.