How Emotional Eating Gets Worse When You’re Multitasking

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At our time and age, we are always expected to multitask. And it seems that multitasking is not going away any time soon. But how is that affecting your weight and turns your emotional eating demons on?

Living the moment is what everybody is advising you to do, from Buddha to your shrink. This couldn’t be truer! The more you watch TV or stare at your phone, the more likely you’re going to eat.

Shocking Study: Eating With TV On.

A couple of years ago, two groups of people were invited to an open buffet and ate all their heart desired, then two hours later each group was invited to a separate tea and cookies get-together.

With the very same setting, cookies and tea options. Only one thing made Group A special from Group B. They had a big screen TV.

Surprisingly, Group A ate almost twice as many cookies as Group B did. Even though they seemed to behave very similarly during the heartening buffet!

This is not as shocking as it sounds. It’s just a manifestation of how incorporated we are with multitasking, thinking that we are better at it with the tools we have today in hand; than we actually are.

Homework, Cellphone and Work. There Is No Difference.

Even though it seems like you’re likely to eat more when you are having fun, it’s not always the case. American Heart Association found that 35% of Americans are more likely to eat less healthy at work if their workday is stressful. Yet of course, eating when you are happy still has its perks.

But with work and school becoming more sophisticated over the years, we feel like we can’t simply disconnect and have a food time, so we bring that burger to the desk and munch it mindlessly while staring at our laptops and books.

Just Disconnect , Chew and Enjoy.

You need to learn to disconnect from your work, school, laptop and cellphone once you are about to eat if you are serious about losing weight or eating mindfully. Turn the TV off, leave your desk behind, leave any books or magazines you have and put your phone on silent and keep it away for the 20 minutes you’re eating.

Whenever someone asks me how to stop emotional eating, my number-one advice to them is to chew well.

Though it seems silly, it’s not. When you chew long enough, you are sending signals to your brain that you are eating, the more you chew, the more your brain thinks you’re eating. Very simple. Chewing gum might not count, in case you wonder. Our brains are a little more sophisticated than that.

Author: Tarek Kenawee

A former tennis player turned emotional eater best known for having lost a whopping 30% of his bodyweight, gained it all back and lost it all again in a year. The journey has taught Tarek much about what our bodies are telling us about food, and even more, what our minds are. From there, fighting for the freedom of others from stress eating has become his passion.

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